Beyond Painting

by Robert Turman

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patient_ot A true gem, one of the best things I've heard lately. There is a special charm to these types of ambient albums that were made before everything was shuttled into narrow sub-genres and computer software took everything over. Excellent use of active moods and organic sounds. Although this doesn't really sound like anyone in particular, I can imagine fans of Zoviet France and the darker side of Brian Eno really getting into this. Many thanks to the artist for putting this on Bandcamp.


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Beyond Painting, 72 minutes of haunting lo-fi ambience, layers of meditative synth loops, guitar, and eastern tinged melodies, all beautifully delayed, bring to mind blistering desert landscapes, high-tension cold war era spy action sequences, and dark cavernous sounds. Originally recorded in 1990, these tracks did not see the light of day until 2010 when they were self released on a limited run of 100 professionally printed and duplicated CD-Rs. Re-released by Fabrica in 2013 as a double vinyl LP.


released October 3, 2014


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